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Back from the Car You Drive to the Car You Love

Our professional staff in our classic car restoration shop has years of experience. That’s a guarantee.

We spend time ensuring your classic car gets an exceptional panel fit and straight body as it did from the factory, if not better. After a car has been stripped to bare metal, it is put on a rotisserie. Any imperfections in the metal are removed and new metal is welded and leaded to maintain the strength and integrity of the car. The bare metal is then treated with etching primer; all bodywork is performed. Lastly, the car is prepped for primer and sealer.

Next, our certified and trained paint professionals hang each body panel and frame piece separately, apply primer and sealer, paint the base coat, paint several layers of clear coat, color sand and buff the vehicle to a fabulous luster finish that lasts for years. Our paint department is fully equipped with modern equipment to perform various levels of paint jobs — from original factory colors to any color of your choice.

shiny carOur services include:

  • VW Restorations
  • Paint & Body Restoration
  • Rust & floor pan Replacement
  • Interior & Upholstery Restoration
  • Engine Overhaul & Service / Suspension overhaul & Service
  • Part Sales & Service
  • Sandblasting Service

Reach SOS Customz at 760-967-1592.